Thursday, 5 December 2013

brighter shade than pale 18

Today the wind sure is blowing in the UK, even more so further north and east. It feels nice to sit here wrapped in a wool shawl with burning candles and a cup of tea. To add to the romance I have a copy of Austen's Pride & Prejudice by my side. We actually have a functioning fireplace in our new home but right now I'm warm enough. I'm giving the unpacking of boxes a little rest and enjoying the moment.

On my way back home, after taking my son to school, I was thinking about the little familiar things in life. I'm talking about people or places that become part of our daily routine. It could be the old man who walks his dog every morning or the mother with the twin stroller. The moment you notice them you get this sense that things are just as they should be in the world. After the move I have started collecting new people and places on my list, and this morning one person made me smile. It's a lady that I usually pass by every morning but I haven't greeted her yet because she's always talking on her mobile. I have of course no idea what she's discussing but judging by the tone of her voice it must be something exciting. I haven't paid particular attention to her outfit, maybe because it's not my style and, therefore, I don't dwell on it. This morning, however, I noticed it immediately because it was something I would never ever wear: a checked cape that had a hint of pink in it, baby pink glitter beanie and pink UGG boots, the kind I wouldn't be caught dead in. But on her, even though I don't know her, this was perfect.

Did a stranger make you smile this morning?

photo credit:
1: Dubarry of Ireland footwear via A Hume Country Wear/Twitter / 2: Ralph Lauren Polo Autumn 2013 / 3: Grant Legan for Carly Cristman / 4: Marte Marie Forsberg / 5: Riccardo Perone, Olio e cera su tela, 2011 via Tumblr (discovered via BohoMon/Pinterest)



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    1. hello Natalia, I'm now in the West Midlands area, not far from Birmingham

  2. Your day sounds so cosy, just as it should be on winter day. It felt good reading about the people who we don't really know, but bring that sense of comfort in our daily lives. Well, today I haven't met any stranger to put a smile on my face, but whenever I buy something and the salesperson says a wholehearted thank you, I smile even if I've had the worst day. Or when I can't decide in front of the food stand what to get and a stranger kindly gives me his advice, or when a driver thanks me and smiles for letting him pass in front of me, there is a sense of connection that it's refreshing to know it can still exist in our egocentric world.


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