Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Icelandic design: Christmas items by Hekla Íslandi

I have featured Icelandic artist and designer Hekla Bjork Gudmundsdottir, the owner of Hekla Íslandi, on the blog before but not given her design the space I think it deserves. I was reminded of it when pinning the boy, girl and sheep above. I find her Icelandic and Nordic motifs very alluring; her design takes me back to my childhood in Iceland.

Hekla Bjork, born in 1969, was brought up in the south of Iceland, surrounded by volcanic mountains. The word Hekla in Iceland is a girl's name and the name of an active volcano. Her work is inspired by nature and the production of the items started back in 1996 when she first made gift cards, replicas of her paintings. She has offered a Christmas collection for a few years now and I still remember when I bought my first Hekla Íslandi Christmas napkins. Gift cards, tags and napkins are not the only items she offers, there are also candles, matches, runners, gift wraps and bags, décor and even chocolate. If you are travelling in Iceland you will find her design in many flower and gift shops, and I would be surprised if you wouldn't find it in any of the duty free stores at Keflavik International Airport.

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photo credit:
Hekla Íslandi

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