Monday, 16 December 2013

k&a: meringue tops + chocolate frosting / sauce

With the holidays coming up I decided to post two new recipes on KITCHEN & AROMA today, my meringue tops (with or without chocolate) and chocolate frosting or sauce, which I sometimes serve with them. As I say in the introduction to the meringue tops recipe, it will be the most sugary one on the food blog. After what feels like endless experiments I have accepted the fact that you need a certain amount of sugar to keep the texture right.

Did you enjoy a good weekend? The tree has been decorated and I baked cookies (I also did disastrous experiments, that is, texture-wise, which tasted really good). Still no sign of my Christmas mood! Our son even decorated the living room floor with white Christmas lights and a selection of white baubles in the centre. I didn't have the heart to tell him to remove it; he was so proud.

After lunch today I'm going to a play in his school, the Christmas production, and maybe that will help bring on the Christmas spirit with full force.

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt



  1. You know what my reaction was when I saw the photo of the meringue tops: I want to take a bite! Thank you for the recipes, Lisa.

  2. The meringues look really delicious, I do wish they could be made without sugar as I cannot eat it and I do love meringues. We sometimes buy some from the French bakery near our home and they have slivered almonds in them, amazing taste and texture, but I am limited to a little taste only:(
    I hope you enjoy your sons school performance, I remember those days, our son got to play Joseph in the school nativity play, his first year at school, he looked adorable with a false beard!
    Happy holidays:)

  3. Oh my!!! The meringues look delicious! I am sorry to read that the Xmas mood is not here yet... Xmas carols and songs missing may be?


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