Monday, 9 December 2013

notes à la mode 40

I honestly don't know whether it is the new air I'm breathing or not but for a few weeks I have been fascinated with plaids. Well, it's a style I have always liked but during winter I'm particularly drawn to rich dark coloured plaids. Yesterday over dinner we were talking about the Scottish Highlands and it made me wonder if the Highlanders of the past would have believed that their tartan patterns would turn into timeless pieces and be featured in fashion collections. What would they, for example, have thought of the late Alexander McQueen's take on their style? Or Vivienne Westwood's?

I dug into my files for inspiration and realised that I could have created part two and three of this post very easily. I love this old image above of Linda Evangelista that appeared in the September issue of Vogue US back in 1991. I’m wondering if I bought the issue and swooned over the bag. Looks like something I would have liked in the early 90s.

For those of you who cannot wear plaids, you can bring them into your life in the form of a blanket. Maybe it sounds like a cliché but I think there should be a plaid blanket in every household.

As I mentioned Alexander McQueen above, I feel obliged to share a few images from his 2006 autumn collection. I have to add that the entire collection was extraordinary, not only the tartan pieces (follow the link under photo credit to view it).


  To add to today’s dose of tartan, here is Dame Judi Dench as Queen Victoria in Her Majesty Mrs Brown (1997), a delightful film also starring Billy Connolly. If you haven't seen it already, I highly recommend it; their performances are wonderful - see trailer
  At Ralph Lauren I saw this Polo Tartan Plaid Scarf made of ultra-soft lambswool blend. The blue and red colour, which I love, is called Royal Stewart. Makes me wish my husband wore plaids
  Speaking of my husband, he is much taller than I am so even if he wore plaids I couldn't borrow his shirts. I like the boyfriend look but when a garment is way too big it fails to impress me and becomes the opposite of stylish. Lately I have been eyeing plaid shirts in the men's departments and I found this Dalton Ridge Slim online in blue and red
  Let's end this with a dose of Vivienne Westwood, a punk style image from Vogue Paris in 2009. Not my style, but I love it anyway

photo credit:
1: Arthur Elgort for Vogue US, September 1991 | Linda Evangelista in 'A Shot of Scotch' styled by Grace Coddington via The Terrier and ... / 2: Lisa Warninger for Kinfolk Magazine, 2011 | Jennifer Sullins styled by Lauren Hartmann + Chelsea Fuss via {frolic!} / 3-4: Venetia Scott for British Vogue, September 2008 | models Agnete Hegelund + Kamila Filipcikova in 'Take the High Road' styled by Kate Phelan via + {this is glamorous} for Design*Sponge / 5: Heidi of White Loft Studio for Style Me Pretty Living / 6: Perry Ogden for Ralph Lauren Autumn Winter 1994 ad campaign | model Cecilia Chancellor / 7-10: Alexander McQueen Autumn 2006 via / 11: a still from Her Majesty Mrs Brown (1997), costume design by Deirdre Clancy via Pinterest



  1. love plaids and adore this fab picture of Linda Evangelista. she has been my favorite model for many years. i actually met in nyc in the early '90s at the restaurant Indochine. it was fashion week and she was there with Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and other models. when she went to restroom i went too and introduced myself and she was beautiful and super nice!!!! a highlight in my life!!

  2. I love plaid, I think it's eternal (well relatively in fashion years, haha). I think wearing one of Asi's shirts would be quite a feat for you ;) I've been eyeing some of the red plaid boyfriend style ones myself. I had a beautiful red tartan DVF jacket but it was cut too tight across the shoulders and I never wore it much.
    Mary Jo

  3. That beautiful photo of Linda! I could work that bag even now as a weekend bag. :) I love plaids. It's the British heritage I think that I love so much and whenever I wear one of my favourite jackets, in a plaid pattern in shades of brown, or a plaid scarf or shirt, I like that feel of blending modern functionality and traditional style, country and town. That Alexander McQueen collection was a show stopper.


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