Wednesday, 18 December 2013

the bring-on-the-Christmas-mood list

This isn't one of those gift-guide posts; this is my what-went-wrong-this-year—next-year-I-will-be-better-prepared list! In other words, the bring-on-the-Christmas-mood list. As you already know, my mood emerged very slowly this year. The spark is obviously there; I felt it on Monday when I listened to the children singing at my son's school and while baking cookies when I got home. Every time they play White Christmas on the radio something stirs inside, even though I have every reason to doubt Christmas will be white this year. I find heart-warming greetings from loved ones, even from the new neighbours, in the mail every day. My wonderful Amazon package from A is already here and before I know it I will be feeling like my usual self this month. That said, I have realised that obviously something went wrong this year; I wasn't prepared and here is my list of things I think would have done the trick in December:

the red holiday checked tablecloth in the photo would have looked pretty on the kitchen table and these cotton and linen holiday napkins too (Lexington Co.)
that classic wool throw in the foreground would have been ideal, the blue one too (Lexington Co.)
or this basket weave blanket, hand woven in Kenya from organic, homespun wool (Toast)
I wish I had bought this winter animals card set for my holiday greetings (The Moorea Seal shop)
and discovered Wendy Paula's Parisian apartment houses Christmas card earlier, a collage with many of the loved Mulberry Muse characters for my vintage-loving friends (Etsy)
reading a few pages everyday in the Penguin clothbound classics edition of A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Writings by Charles Dickens (Amazon)
I believe wearing these red Calvin Klein plaid PJ bottoms on weekend mornings would have set the right Christmas tone - there are red lounge bottoms for the gentlemen too (Asos)
I hardly ever drink from mugs but the blue Taika mug always looks so festive to me and would have been perfect for the hot chocolate; the Sarjaton mug too (iittala)

That's it, that's my list. Have a wonderful day!

photo credit:
1: Lexington Company Holiday Living Collection 2013


  1. I just LOOOOVE Dicken's Christmas Carol - the best ever!!! Thanks for sharing this Christmas inspiration list! Have some very festive days my friend!

  2. Great Christmas time tips, Lisa! I'm a sucker for Christmas cards (all teh ones you linked to are so pretty) and I wish I could learn my lesson and get mine way in advance, because I always seem to run out of them when it's time to send them out. Reading A Christmas Carol is a wonderful idea and I think it's time I watched the movie too, the classic, 1951 version. I want that Taika mug! Love that deep blue colour.


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