Thursday, 19 December 2013

the waterway nearby

Since we moved I haven't had much time to photograph my new surroundings. I'm still learning where places are and how I reach them, preferably by bicycle. After we got the proper wi-fi at home I have to admit that I haven't been going into the town centre as often as I did. There will be plenty of time for exploring when we have settled well.

Today I wanted to show you part of my close surroundings. I live on the right side of this small canal or waterway that I bicycle along when going into town (about 8-10 minutes). I took the top photo on a stone bridge (not for cars), which we walk over every morning when going to school. What I love about this spot is the country-like scenery if I keep the focus on the canal itself (on both sides there are neighbourhoods; ours is a relatively new one, developed in the 90s.) I don't know how to explain it but every time I cross the bridge it feels a bit magical and I love that second when I take in the scenery before continuing my way. The little things...

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt



  1. It looks so peaceful. I hope you'll have snow this winter, I can already imagine how dreamy the bridge will look covered in snow.

  2. It looks so very much like some of the places I knew growing up in England, so many fond memories of time by the river.
    I can understand the magical quality of it all:)

  3. It looks very beautiful and very quiet. It must be a wonderful place to live.


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