Tuesday, 28 January 2014

artists Sasha Pivovarova + Igor Vishnyakov at home

One of the things that leave me inspired is getting a sneak peek into the studio of an artist. I love it when I come across such photo shoots in magazines or online. I’m interested in the artist's process, the look of his studio, what kind of sketchbooks she uses, the pencils and paintbrushes - the artist's paraphernalia. These images by photographer Robyn Lea were taken in the home of model and artist Sasha Pivovarova and her husband Igor Vishnyakov, also an artist and a photographer. The main focus was on the couple's art, but in the bottom left photo you get a glimpse of their Williamsburg (Brooklyn) loft, designed and styled by Todd Hase. The drawings on the living room wall are Sasha's (see a detail in the background of the photo right above it).

photo credit:
Robyn Lea

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  1. Oh, I can revel in an artist's creative process for hours. Wonderful find, Lisa. I'm carefully analysing every single photo you've posted here. :)


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