Thursday, 30 January 2014

brighter shade than pale 20 - winter II

For today I had a completely different post in mind, a spring-looking BRIGHTER SHADE THAN PALE post, as I thought spring was just around the corner (I saw a white tulip in bloom the other day!). Then I stepped outside this morning and was greeted with cold weather. Shortly after it began snowing - thick snowflakes that take their time falling to the ground. The kind I would have welcomed in December. Suddenly my spring-post didn't feel right. Later today I will be lighting up the fireplace and making hot chocolate. Wishing you all a lovely day!

photo credit:
1: Keith Williams Photography (500px) / 2: Naomi Robinson of Bakers Royale / 3 + 5-6: Nicholas James Seaton for TOAST, October 2013 lookbook (first discovered via Bette's) / 4: Minna Jones of Time of the Aquarius via My Scandinavian Home


  1. Just found your blog - it's lovely. Great collection of inspiring images. Thanks x

  2. Beautiful and adequate images for the current weater! Happy Thursday, Lisa!

  3. Once again, you gathered some beautiful pictures, Lisa! Here is also cold and I think we are going to have some snow these days! Enjoy your hot chocolate! ;)

  4. I love every pictures of this post, there really represent the Winter I love so much!


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