Friday, 24 January 2014

interior design: designer Marie von Lotzbeck's home

Images from the Danish home of jewellery designer Marie von Lotzbeck and photographer Jacob Kirk that appeared in the Danish magazine Femina have been circling around blogosphere. I couldn't resist sharing a few on my blog. I'm the wood flooring type but I like the use of concrete in this home, it is in harmony with the brick walls and the white painted ones. I have said so before that I'm a big fan of steel framed doors, which are ideal for this space. There are plenty of details that catch my attention but I have to say that I would like to copy that white-shelf look entirely. I like the balance in the display of books and home accessories - it's stylish and beautifully done.

photo credit:
Kira Brandt for Femina | 1-5 via Coco Lapine Design, 6 via April and May


  1. I love those industrial style metal doors and the lightly rendered brick wall still showing the texture beneath. Yes I have seen the pics on pinterest - it is a gorgeous home - very arty, very down to earth, very liveable. I'll flip you for that wall of shelving! Love it:)

  2. I have my eyes on that white bookcase, as I've been thinking of one for my home office. And the light pieces are lovely too, but I think I would have preferred a wooden floor. :)

  3. I have been admiring these images too. I dream of steel day!


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