Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Margaret Howell Home Accessories

Many fashion designers have translated their vision from the runway to the home and one of my favourites to do exactly that is British designer Margaret Howell. She applies the same philosophy to her range of home accessories as she does to her garments by using natural materials like linen, cotton, and wool. The selection is moderate and consists of textiles and kitchen products, available through the online shop (some items are currently on sale). There are also furniture, lighting, ceramics, and vintage products available throughout Margaret Howell shops.

Here are a few items that have made it to my wish list (with links below).

Square Peg Weave Cushion Wool (designer: Eleanor Pritchard) // Mohair Blanket

Ceramic Tableware (designer: Nicola Tassie)

photo credit:
1-9: Margaret Howell Home / 10: Venetia Scott for Margaret Howell Spring 2010 ad campaign | model: Kim Noorda


  1. Natural materials and simple designs, my favourite combination. The blankets you present here look so cosy and I bet they feel so nice too - I want to wrap myself in one of them, call it a day and read a book. :) The ad campaign shot is beautiful!

  2. Oh I love the simple yet beautiful design of those! The ceramic tableware is so pretty!! Happy Wednesday, Lisa!

  3. You are sharing here some beautiful objects. I love natural materials, they feel so much nicer.


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