Thursday, 2 January 2014

notes à la mode 42

Street-style: Capucine Safyurtlu
Happy New Year again! Let us start 2014 with style. If I were to name ladies, whose effortless style frequently grabs my attention, one of the first to make it to my list would be Capucine Safyurtlu, the fashion and market editor of Vogue Paris. It's especially her casual style that I find most appealing. She seems to have an amazing collection of shirts - checked, plaid, denim, white - which she wears with the sleeves rolled up. Usually she wears jeans; skinny or boyfriend, and she seems to go for black heels. The make-up looks natural. In these images the jewellery is one bracelet on the right hand and many on the left, and occasionally a necklace.

I have seen many style posts about the Vogue Paris editor Emmanuelle Alt with Capucine in the photos as well, looking just as stylish and worthy of a mention.

I find the simplicity and timelessness of her style such a wonderful contrast to ladies whose style looks overloaded, as if they are wearing almost all their favourite items simultaneously, which looks even worse if too much make-up is applied.

These are just a few of my favourite Capucine Safyurtlu looks. Notice, there isn't a single handbag in any of these photos, just her phone, or what looks like an invitation card to a fashion show.

Effortless indeed, and very chic!

photo credit:
1: Style du Monde / 2: A Love Is Blind via Dustjacket Attic (Pinterest) / 3: Diego Zuko for Harper's Bazaar / 4: ibid. for Harper's Bazaar / 5: YoungJun Koo for The Cut / 6: Carolines Mode


  1. She's got style indeed! Shirt, jeans and black heels - that's a timeless look and I could never get tired of it!

  2. I think she looks like you, so you chose a perfect style, Lisa! Happy New Year!

  3. As you can see I'm catching up some blog reading... love Capucine's effortless look - so wearable, so everyday but she makes it look stunning, chic and totally stylish. Just validates my wardrobe with a single I'm not even thinking of getting anything new! :) Happy New Year!


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