Friday, 3 January 2014

space: Axel Vervoordt wabi inspirations

The SPACE series this year starts with tabula rasa, a clean slate, a room that hardly contains anything, yet says so much with silence and natural materials. It quiets the mind. This is the work of Belgian designer and antiques dealer Axel Vervoordt and appears in the book Wabi Inspirations, which he wrote with Japanese architect Tatsuro Miki.

Master Vervoordt is the designer I turn to when I find myself tired of vulgar design, of interiors that lack balance and feel crowded and overloaded with décor. In my notebooks I have written down quotes by him and here are three simple ones:
  I have always believed that man is a medium for the expression of what nature offers.
  A room should reflect your personality. It should look like it has always existed, even if its style is contemporary.
  I try as much as possible to avoid the purely decorative.

Have a wonderful weekend ... with room for relaxation and good coffee!

photo credit:
Laziz Hamani for the book Wabi Inspirations by Axel Vervoordt + Tatsuro Miki. Text: Michael Paul. Publisher: Flammarion


  1. "Yet says so much with silence and natural elements", beautifully put. This space is so calming and the Japanese influence is so clear.

  2. I really appreciate Axel's philosophy and style. His rooms do look like they have always existed and have been enjoyed for years...something which is not always easy to achieve!

    Happy New Year!

    Lisa E

  3. Well, that is an amazing space, Lisa. I could not begin to approach style in real life but it is very calming. Not that we have clutter or lots of stuff at all, but to me that looks more like a temple than a living space. Maybe a meditation retreat. THAT I could definitely appreciate.

    Wishing you a fantastic New Year!!!


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