Wednesday, 22 January 2014

space: illustrator Mats Gustafson's studio

This is the studio of the Swedish artist and illustrator Mats Gustafson, in his home in the Södermalm district in central Stockholm. I was reminded of it when I saw Catherine of the Cashmere Lover blog post his latest work for Dior. I'm always drawn to high ceilings; to spaces that have plenty of natural light, but in this one I'm also drawn to the furniture. The wooden drawing cabinets lured me in and the simple desk is right up my alley. The wall art makes the space even more special. The outcome is a stylish neutral space with nothing to distract the mind.

photo credit:
Magnus Marding | styling by Jacob Hertzell via Koolandkreativ


  1. I was just viewing some of his illustrations. What a lovely work place! A spacious room with lots of natural light and simple decor, this is the kind of space that helps let your creativity loose.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE the grey and wood in combination. So classy and timeless!

  3. Aah, yes were on the same page (well yesterday at least!)...I would have totally imagined his studio to resemble this space - calm, nurturing, light and serene... I'm off to clean my studio space too:)


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