Tuesday, 21 January 2014

styling: a French feast by Glen Proebstel

When I saw that large photo I knew I had to see more images from this photo shoot. Show me a table setting or anything with delftware and my knees are likely to go weak (the white and blue pottery that derived its name from the Dutch town Delft, where it was made from the 16th century onwards). I knew the photographer was the Australian Sharyn Cairns (one of my favourites) for Vogue Living, but I found nothing on their website. When I learned the styling was by Glen Proebstel (I should have known!) I hit the jackpot. The elegance of this setting fascinates me. One would think you couldn't go wrong shooting in such a grand environment, but I think Glen's attention to detail takes this shoot to another level. The man is a styling genius. Add Sharyn's talent with the lens and the outcome is stunning.

photo credit:
Sharyn Cairns for Vogue Living, Nov/Dec 2013 | 'A French Feast' styled by Glen Proebstel via Hart & Co. (No. 3 via Barsan World)


  1. What a setting! Consider the large photo pinned. :)

  2. Delft is also a wonderful small town with a lot of candy houses as I like to name their coquette houses here in Netherlands. And that soup really looks almost like their traditional erwtensoep (pea soup). Our rented house came with a lot of Delftware and I sometime like to drink my coffee from a blue and white mock. Have a lovely day!

  3. Oh, that moldings! ...and beautiful pottery in blue


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