Monday, 13 January 2014

travelling to the Libyan Desert

These images by photographer Stefano Scatà were an eye-opener for me because I had no idea the Libyan Desert was an attraction for travellers. I mean it's not every day that one meets people that just spent their holiday in Libya. Tunis, yes, Libya, no! Especially given the current situation, which isn't peaceful. I was clueless that people had actually been travelling to the desert before the Arab Spring, and as I started reading more about it, it turns out that Libya has a real chance to become a future travel destination. Of course it depends on peace, which hasn't been secured after the revolution, and better infrastructure.

I don't know about you, but if peace were guaranteed tent camps like these in the Libyan Desert would be a real attraction for me. I'm fascinated by the desert landscape and the mood in these photos.

For those interested in exotic locations, I came across the website of Simoon Travel, an agency that was founded in 2004 "as a direct response to the emergence of Libya as a tourist destination." At this point they don't offer trips to Libya but their list of destinations looks quite interesting.

photo credit:
Stefano Scatà (photos 1-9 + 11 Magic Lodge Ubari / 10 + 12-13 Magic Lodge Akakus)


  1. I've been admiring Stefano Scatà's work for a while and I'm already a fan. I think the sunlight in Africa is different from any other part of the world and this unique glow is so beautifully captured on photography.

  2. such beautiful photographs!


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