Monday, 10 February 2014

interior design: a natural home in Lombardy

I have already shared this home on my blog (see here) which belongs to artist and designer Katrin Arens, but when I discovered this particular house tour I wanted to share it as well, or part of it. The house, located in the Italian region of Lombardy, was a mill house turned nunnery, which Arens then turned into a home and studio. It shouldn't come as a surprise that its rustic elements appeal to me very much, but I'm also fond of all the natural home accessories. In fact, I thought about featuring the accessories alone in my new natural materials series but the house tour was too charming to skip it. By the way, Arens made most of the furniture herself and on her website you will see similar or the same items for sale.

The breakfast nook in the bedroom above is delightful (I think it's a guest room) and as you can see the garden is just as charming as the house itself; beautiful Italian countryside all around.

photo credit:
Raul Candales for Weranda Country (first discovered via The Style Files)


  1. This is such a beautiful and relaxing ambiance - and that light, I need some of it. I've had enough of the dull, gloomy winter! Happy new week!

    1. Igor, I'm so with you on winter and I'm more than ready for a blooming spring!

  2. Eclectic rustic is definitely my favorite interior style! Love this place =)

  3. This is so natural and so serene. I think any guest would certainly enjoy sipping their morning coffee with that view; gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Oh those bookshelves (in the fourth row) - perfection!

  5. Peaceful atmosphere... I really love that deckchair...


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