Wednesday, 19 February 2014

interior design: Vanessa Bruno's home in the Marais

Fashion designer Vanessa Bruno's apartment in the Marais district in Paris has been featured in many interior magazines. This particular house tour appeared in the Norwegian Interiør Magasinet back in 2011 and I was reminded of it this morning when I was in my garden and saw the first sign of spring, the daffodils emerging from the ground. It is the pastel colour palette in Bruno's home that reminds me of spring. I love the brightness in her living room and dining areas. Her home is very feminine, but not overly so. It's relaxed and stylishly bohemian. I think it's the exposed beams that make it more grounded and add the needed contrast to the feminine element.
I have to add that I don't know how many blog posts I have seen where this living room is posted as part of the house tour. Obviously some blogger must have made the mistake and god only knows how many others have reposted it. Do they really not see the difference between these spaces? You only have to look at the windows, the floor material and the furniture to see it's a completely different space. The paper lamps are the only things that look similar and the colour palette is almost identical. I didn't mean to ramble, just couldn't help using the opportunity to point this out.
photo credit:
Birgitta Wolfgang for Interiør Magasinet


  1. What a light-filled apartment! You know, that is absolutely rare in the Marais as most apartments tend too be rather dark and cut off of daylight due to the narrow streets and old structures. But this one is just awesome!

    1. The building is from 1650. The location of it must be ideal, on a corner ... and the large windows do the magic trick!

  2. Simply stunning...the lady has style!

  3. Such a beautiful home, the light is just dreamy!

  4. Its the lilac tones! I remember when I first saw images of her apartment and I thought the same thing - so spring, so fresh, so sunny... It's just a gorgeous looking home. And I love Lilac!:)


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