Thursday, 20 February 2014

needthrow-ecru by Tine K Home

As I told you last week the days have been cloudy. I wanted to give you a sneak peek into a certain corner in my home, but I need more light to photograph it. I'm too happy with my new item in that corner to post dull images. Maybe next week I will have more luck. These days I have spring on my mind and when I saw Tine K Home post the new needthrows this week I knew I had to feature one of them in my natural materials series.

The needthrows by Tine K Home are a cotton jacquard weave and I'm especially fond of the one in the ecru/white colour, which they call Needthrow-ecru. It's available in two other colours, denim and grey.

size 140 x 200 cm (about 55 x 79 inches)

I haven't had the opportunity to feel the texture of the needthrows but judging from the images they look very light, which I find perfect for spring and summer. I'm in the mood to add a few home accessories to my collection this spring and I'm particularly interested in throws in neutral colours that mix well with the cushions I already have.

Tine K Home is a Danish brand, founded in 1999 by Tine Kjeldsen and her husband Jacob Fossum, based in Odense with retailers in many countries. You can read Tine's story here.

The Tine K Home collections are based on
Tine’s passion for beautiful objects, sweet memories, different cultures, and great stories. [They include] textiles, furniture, and accessories from own designs or as unique findings from different journeys abroad in Vietnam, Morocco, India, etc. With her passion for 'cold' colors, the Scandinavian simplicity is combined with handmade items and charming objects from different cultures which altogether creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.
Tine says she likes "pieces that have history, that are handmade and different," things that she cannot usually find in Denmark.

photo credit:
Tine K Home

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