Tuesday, 4 February 2014

wall pocket by Herman Cph

Welcome to a new series on my blog where I will be featuring various home accessories made of natural materials. For some time I have been gathering material and the new series will be a blend of home accessories, styling tips and design, a talk with designers (I have three lined up) and book features, to give you some ideas. Most of you know of my love for Scandinavian design and I'm happy to start the new series with the wall pocket by Herman Cph, a Danish design firm based in the Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen. Their design philosophy lives up to my standards.

The wall pocket is a stylish solution for hiding clutter in your home or for storing things you do not wish to have on display. The pocket is made of furniture fabric (or furniture canvas, 40% linen and 60% cotton) and has a leather strap with a brass button. It is fastened to a wall with an oak wood block and screws (the fabric hides the screws, which are included).
width 36 cm (about 14 inches) x height 47 cm (18,5 inches)

I think the wall pocket is also a wonderful solution for narrow spaces or small homes where there is limited wall space for shelves. My interest in the pocket began with our new hallway. It's fairly spacious but it's an open space that leads into other rooms, with windows on both sides of the main door. That means there is no wall space for a wardrobe, only a coat stand. I'm picturing the pocket on one of the small walls for storing mittens and other accessories. Our younger daughter asked if she could have a wall-pocket grid wall in her room to store all her teddy bears. Actually, I love the idea, but given how many teddy bears she has, I better start saving!

We have a vision to create furniture that are simple, honest and quality conscious and following them all the way from the drawing board to the finished product.
At Herman Cph they are both the designers and producers of the products, a process that starts at their studio/workshop in Frederiksberg. The products are manufactured in cooperation with subcontractors in Denmark, with Herman Cph involved in the chain from design concept to a finished product, paying attention to even the smallest detail of each item. Their philosophy is reflected in the fine craftsmanship.

Herman Cph | Rahbeks Allé 6, 1801 Frederiksberg, Denmark
Tel: +45 26 22 21 54 | Email: jonas@hermancph.dk

photo credit:
Herman Cph


  1. I'm excited to see this series take off. :) The wall pocket is such a smart idea and leather strap is such a nice finishing touch. Now I'm thinking where I could find a spot for it in our home.

  2. What a great series! I'd love to know how much weight the wall pocket can support, but I also think it would be wonderful for displaying long stemmed dry flowers, the colors would look lovely against it.

    1. Vanisha, I asked them about the support weight and they said they hadn't tested it, but keep a stack of magazines and an iPad in one of theirs and it works fine.


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