Tuesday, 25 February 2014

space: a simple + artistic home office

As I was busy studying this morning and had to take a quiz, I thought about keeping the blog empty today. But this photo on my desktop didn't leave me alone; it made me think about an idea that has been on my mind. First let me say that I like the simplicity of this workspace, that it doesn't look office-like. The artwork obviously does the trick, but I like the idea of mixing an old desk with a modern chair, in this case the Kartell Eros Swivel Chair by Philippe Starck. The space belongs to interior designer Suzanne Wad Petterson (I think I'm correct when I say she is Norwegian) and you can view the rest of her home by following the link below.

Now back to my idea: I have been thinking about turning our sitting room into a home office for me, moving two armchairs and a coffee table into the living room and putting a desk instead. I have a chaise lounge in there, which I would keep, and I would put shelves up against one wall. It's a bit of a selfish act, I know, but the thing is that right now I'm the only one who really uses the sitting room, and my husband has found his place in the study room, which I haven't. When both of us are using the desk in there it usually turns into a clutter rather quickly because I tend to surround myself with stacks of books, magazines and notebooks. He doesn't mind, but I do. I like having my own space (I call it the 'A Room of one's own by Virginia Woolf'-syndrome), and I also like the luxury of being able to lean back in a chair with my feet on the desk. In Luxembourg I had my own office space or corner and I miss having a space like that. If I go for it I would have a view to our driveway and part of the quiet street, which is nothing to complain about.

photo credit:
Mona Gundersen for Interiør Magasinet


  1. I love the creative and artsy vibe of this workspace. Oh and every time I see such workspaces I wish I had one at all!! It would be nice to concentrate work around one space - so far, my sofa is my workspace:-)

    1. When one is part of a family of five the sofa-as-workspace thing is out of the question ;-) The more I think about turning the sitting room into a workspace the more I'm eager to go for it. Maybe I should just arrange it and see how it looks ... maybe this weekend.

  2. I was thinking of changing my desk in my home office and was aiming for a more modern piece, but seeing this space and that rustic desk makes me think twice about doing it. But you are right, it wouldn't look the same without the modern chair and art work, it's the perfect mix and match.


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