Tuesday, 11 February 2014

space: a vernal looking reading nook

Inevitably, interior bloggers come across various photos of homes. I don't know how it is for other bloggers, but some of these images seem to stay longer with me. I can post an image on my blog, or pin it, and many weeks, even months later it will still be fresh in my memory. This reading nook photo is one of them. I pinned it a long time ago, believing then it was from a Martha Stewart house tour (there was no link to it), only to find out later that it appeared in the book Bringing Nature Home by Ngoc Minh Ngo, which is one of my favourite coffee table books. (I have mentioned it twice on the blog, here and here.) It appears in the spring chapter, which I have been rereading lately. These are dogwood branches in bloom, which brighten up this mainly neutral space - I like the painted brick wall. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything about the space itself, as the book is about floral arrangements and all the homes featured in it are unidentified. But it does make me wish I had a dogwood in my garden!

photo credit:
Ngoc Minh Ngo, from the book Bringing Nature Home, p. 53, published by Rizzoli


  1. This is definitely what our home is missing, a little reading nook. I'm going to turn it into a project for the second part of the year. I feel like in the last two months I've done so much to make this house a home that now I just need to settle into it and let it settle into me before I start changing and adding and re-doing. And now, I want some dogwood as well!

    1. Vanisha, I think that's a wise decision, i.e. settling into it before you start changing anything. In Iceland we renovated a few homes and usually the changes made right away were the ones I sometimes regretted.

  2. I do love that spot! I can see myself there with the latest issue of Harpers and a nice latte... :)

  3. Even though I am lounging on my sofa with a cup of green tea right now, I wouldn't say no to a nook swapping:-) So beautiful!


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