Monday, 3 February 2014

tip: old-style bathrooms + digital showers

I have made a little discovery, which is probably old news for some of you. We had a problem with our en suite shower, which a new shower head didn't solve. The plumber mentioned a new or an extra pump. As we are renting the house, this is nothing we have to worry about but let's just say I was intrigued. Suddenly I was thrown into a bathroom world I had no idea even existed. On the website of Mira Showers I came across digital showers. A digital shower with buttons to increase or decrease the temperature and flow, that even warms up while you're still snoozing? Shower pumps? Where has this been all my life?

Maybe I simply haven't noticed this in interior magazines. For about 6-7 years I haven't done any bathroom renovations, and I must admit that when I'm reading these magazines I tend to skip articles with images that look too modern for my taste (usually such images are used to introduce the latest bathroom equipment). In bathroom design I go for the warm look and I need some wood - no spaceship looking bathrooms for me!

All this made me think that if a warm, old-look style is what you are after there is no need to sacrifice modern comfort in your bathroom:
  You can still design it the way you want it and let the latest technology work to your advantage, without your bathroom looking cold or sterile.
  Basically, it's only a question of finding the right colour palette (soft, muted tones) and materials (wood, tiles), and a solution to hide or keep the focus away from any equipment that looks too modern, if nothing else is available.
  Don't be afraid to choose wood flooring. In fact, I believe wood flooring is underrated in bathroom design. (I once had wooden floorboards and I loved it.)
  If it's a small bathroom, think of installing a sliding door to get the most out of the space.

The bathroom in the photo above once belonged to Jenna Lyons of J.Crew. It was the en suite one in her former Brooklyn townhouse. I think the herringbone wood flooring gives it such a character. I also like the use of neutral colours and the exposed shower pipe gets my consent.

If that shower room upstairs were mine I would use this opportunity to transform the space with old-style wooden floorboards, concrete-something, a dark colour on the walls - perhaps black and one earthy plaster wall as in Jenna's old bathroom - and definitely a digital shower.

photo credit:
1: Melanie Acevedo for Domino magazine, November 2008 | Also appears in the book Domino: The Book of Decorating, p. 165


  1. That sounds interesting, I must say because we're renting I tend not to pay too much attention to these things but now that we're on the market for a house and also thinking about what the house we're going to build on our land is going to look like I've had to start learning and understanding things about homes beyond large windows and wooden floors! Though I do think a digital shower would be too high tech for me :)

    1. Hello Vanisha, the house hunting sounds interesting. Good luck with that! Maybe you will find a house with a digital shower already installed ... just maybe ;-)

  2. I want one please.... :) Johannes would love a high tech shower!

  3. I'm intrigued. :) But I'll just leave the digital shower aside and concentrate on the wood floors in the bathroom above (I admit, I haven't even considered wooden flooring for the bathroom until now) and those walls painted in contrasting colours - love those shades and the treatment on the light coloured wall.

  4. I love an old style bathroom, exposed shower pipes and claw foot baths.
    When we bought our home the bathroom floors were wood but so decayed we had to replace with tiles, black ones! But the walls are all white painted wood.
    I agree no spaceship bathrooms and I don't care for hi tech showers.
    Have a happy week Lisa:)

  5. That would absolutely not be for me... Electronics and I, we are not getting along pretty well, I would just say... But I love the picture you posted...

  6. I've got something similar. The console sits on the wall under the light switch (or wherever you want to put it). It can also be used to prefill a bathtub to a particular level ... Never used it for the bath, but it's handy to put a limit on the hot water.:)


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