Friday, 28 March 2014

Artist Rachel Dein & her plaster-cast tiles

Artist Rachel Dein & her plaster-cast tiles · Lunch & Latte

Yesterday I bought the March issue of Garden Illustrated, mainly because of a short article about artist Rachel Dein of Tactile Studio that was photographed by Andrew Montgomery. He happens to be one of my favourite photographers (I have mentioned him on the blog already). I had never heard of Rachel Dein before and became fascinated with her work.

She creates plaster-cast tiles with delicate flowers and leaves. Some of the tiles she paints in watercolour, and some she leaves unpainted. She says her method isn't difficult but I find her work unique, especially because each mould cannot be reused.
Favourite flowers to cast include Dicentra with their bleeding heart blooms, the emerging fiddleheads of ferns and Japanese anemones. 'I like plants that have that delicate, spirity, of-the-woods feel to them, and I love to reflect the progress of the seasons.'
Artist Rachel Dein & her plaster-cast tiles · Lunch & Latte

Rachel studied at Middlesex University and then worked as a prop maker for the English National Opera, the Royal Opera House and the Globe Theatre. After becoming a mother she set up a studio in her north London home.
At college it was considered uncool to cast in plaster - it was too messy, not conceptual enough. But I got to the stage when I just needed to start making my own things again. Luckily for me the time for craft and making things is now.
You can read the entire article on Rachel's website. Have a wonderful weekend!

photo credit:
1-2: Andrew Montgomery for Garden Illustrated via Tactile Studio / 3: Tactile Studio


  1. Thank you for the introduction, Lisa. I don't use the word "unique" too easily, but it's the right word to describe her work. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a creative way to immortalize delicate plants and flowers! Such a great discovery! Thanks for sharing, Lisa & happy weekend!

  3. Beautiful work! Thanks for introducing me to a new artist today :)

  4. Beautiful work! Thanks for introducing me to a new artist today!


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