Friday, 7 March 2014

inspirational: the new John Lewis Home catalogue

Next to my computer on the desk is the new and inspiring John Lewis Home catalogue that I have been enjoying since yesterday. It's beautifully styled and photographed; contains 116 ideas for spring and summer divided into a few chapters (I love the Cool Country one, it brings on an instant summer mood). There are also a few short interviews with various designers. I had to snap a few photos and share with you.

John Lewis opened the first store 150 years ago on Oxford Street in London and ever since it has been the go-to place for home and design lovers (luckily there's a store in my town!). I honestly think you can use John Lewis to measure your overall well-being: If you enter a John Lewis store and find the urge to pretty much buy every other item in there, that you will even consider chaining yourself to a shelf so no one can drag you out, I would say you don't have to worry at all. That's completely normal. You're fine! However, if you enter a John Lewis store and don't find five items to buy I would say you were in need of professional help. If you don't find a single item to buy you are past help. Go live in a cave!
Textile designer Pat Albeck in her studio

The John Lewis Home catalogue is accompanying the April issue of Livingetc magazine. You can also order the catalogue.

Have a wonderful weekend!

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt - images from the John Lewis Home catalogue, spring/summer 2014


  1. John Lewis is really doing a great job - I love how they style and photograph their collections. I just wish I had John Lewis here too - but luckily there is an online store:-) Happy, sunny weekend, Lisa!

  2. Summer mood? I could use a little inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa!

  3. I so love John Lewis. I have heard that there is an English shop in Belgium, near Brussels, where you can order anything from the John Lewis home range and it will be delivered there!


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