Thursday, 13 March 2014

latte at Caffé Spina in Brooklyn

Perhaps it sounds weird but Caffé Spina in Brooklyn is probably one of my favourite coffee houses, despite the fact I have never been there. Coffee, flowers, chocolate, textiles and stationery in one place?! This is my idea of a fabulous café. It's located in Greenpoint (northern part of Brooklyn, 107 Franklin Street) and is run by Vanessa Chinga-Haven and her husband Scott.

If you are interested in the story behind the opening - it's a good one - follow the link to the Gardenista website and discover more wonderful photos by Nicole Franzen (of La Buena Vida).

photo credit:
Nicole Franzen for Gardenista


  1. What a fantastic place!! I wish we had such a coffee place here too! And I love the decent branding of their cups-to-go, so cool!! (well, not to mention all the plants and flowers!!!).

  2. I came across these coffee place online a while ago, too, and fell flat for the same all-in-one idea. Simply lovely! There is lilac in the 3rd photo! Oh, lilac time is almost here - I'm loving spring more and more each year (you've guessed, spring is finally in town, I'm waiting for the trees to bloom now :)).


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