Monday, 10 March 2014

Margaret Howell Spring 2014

This spring we see yet another beautiful ad campaign in black and white from the house of British designer Margaret Howell where the focus is on the shoe. It was photographer Koto Bolofo who captured the images in Northampton and Howell herself was the stylist. I love their teamwork; I love the atelier images that show us the craftsmanship and give us a feeling for the design process. The Margaret Howell footwear for women is made in Italy and in England for the men, at Tricker's, a company that has been making shoes for 180 years.

photo credit:
Koto Bolofo for Margaret Howell Spring 2014 ad campaign | styled by Margaret Howell (large images via Design Scene)


  1. Lovely campaign. The first shot reminds me that I can't wait to wear my derby shoes again, and maybe look for a perfect pair of oxfords, too. :)

  2. The shoe range looks rather attractive... No shoes with which you cannot really walk... (Yes, I am a flat unconditional)


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