Wednesday, 5 March 2014

notes à la mode 46

Actress and shoe designer SJP in Harper's Bazaar
In my yesterday's post I showed you part of the above photo. There is an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker called 'Soul Mate' in the April issue of Harper's Bazaar, the UK version. I'm not a big fan of celebrities on fashion magazine covers and in editorials, but with Parker it feels a bit different because she has become a style icon. She has done her homework. This time, however, she isn't promoting a film, she has become a shoe designer and her shoe line is called SJP. It is made in collaboration with George Malkemus, the president of Manolo Blahnik, and sold at Nordstrom (there are also some accessories and trench coats). As you can imagine the interview is all about shoes: the first shoes she wore, the shoes she got married in, and of course the shoes she wore as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.

About the shoes she designed SJP says:
I really love a single sole instead of a platform ... so we started with that and then added the idea of colour ... The next thing was the period in New York that was, to my mind, an amazing time for shoes. That was the late Seventies and Eighties, the Maud Frizon and Charles Jourdan era. There was a simplicity to shoes then that was completely enchanting but really sexy and feminine. Those were the things we concentrated on.
Her favourite shoe is called 'Carrie' (in the interview she says: "I mean, how could I not?") and I'm guessing it will become quite popular. For me I see some shoes I would like to try on, like the 'Fawn' and 'Ina' pumps and the 'Iva' slingback sandals. If the 'Anna' sandals were available in other colours I wouldn't mind trying them on as well. Compared to other big brands the shoes are affordable, not too pricy, given SJP's status, but I think it was a smart move to design cheaper suede flats as well. I'm wondering if she will add ballerinas.

Have you viewed her line? Any thoughts?

I had to include these two snaps from my issue of Harper's Bazaar. I think they look very Carrie-like and that's the character that started all this.

photo credit:
Alexi Lubomirski for Harper's Bazaar UK, April 2014 | Sarah Jessica Parker styled by Miranda Almond (3-4: snaps by me)


  1. god, i love her. thanks for sharing this interview. i would have missed it :)

    1. Petra, I probably would have missed it too if I hadn't received the HB issue. I'm pretty sure my subscription has expired; they just sent me this one to give me a little push ... it worked ;-) Love SJP too!

  2. I knew she had a shoe line, but I haven't viewed it yet. And I'm with her on preferring a single sole to platforms, so much more elegant. I love the Fawn - it's the classic pump, how could I not? I've recently bought a pair of black pointed-toe pumps and I can't wait for spring to finally arrive to wear them. :) And I also like the Carrie. I think I would have loved it more if it were open-toed. My mother used to have a similar pair of sandals in nude when I was a child, in the 80s, and I remember I wished I would grow up and be able to wear them myself. I think mom still has them stacked away, and I'm certain they are still in good shape, but unfortunately they are a size too big for me. I love the shoes of the 80s. I don't own a pair of espadrilles yet, so I think I would choose the Inez too. :) I knew SJP wouldn't disappoint.

    1. I really was pleasantly surprised when I viewed her shoe collection. I know that she knows a lot about shoes, but I didn't expect to find so many that I would really like. I agree with you about the Carrie, I would have loved it had it been open-toed. I also like the design of the red Brigitte sandal but mirror-metallic leather is not for me.

  3. I love SJP; so glad to see she did a shoe line; how could she not? I love the espadrilles, and the of course the classic Fawn pump. A nice range of shoes she has on offer and not too overboard on the pricing. Good on her!


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