Tuesday, 1 April 2014

a bowl of latte

It is not my intention to post coffee every day but I was sitting in my study room with a bowl of latte (a latte in a glass is a no-no for me!), getting ready to listen to a lecture before taking an exam, when the colours on my desk caught my attention. My May issue of Elle Decoration UK has arrived and I'm waiting for a moment later today to be inspired by its pages.

Wishing you all a beautiful day!

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt


  1. It's the little pleasures every day that we grant ourselves! So important!

  2. Those summery colours have brightened up my day. :)

  3. I absolutely agree with you Lisa, about lattes in glasses! My sisters are the same, whenever we go to a coffee shop, we'll first ask, does your latte come in a glass? And of course if the answer is yes... we order a cappuccino instead ;)

    1. I was at a café recently and I forgot to ask. When they waiter brought a big glass to my table and it just completely ruined the moment. I think I took three or four sips and then just left it. Next time I won't forget to ask!!!


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