Monday, 21 April 2014

Barbour: celebrating 120 years

Are you a Barbour fan? This year the company is celebrating its 120 years in business, which started back in 1894 when John Barbour began supplying oilskins and garments to sailors in South Shields. The brand is still a family company and it has established itself as a classic; a go-to brand for those who choose quality to enjoy their outdoor living lifestyle.

If you have a Barbour story you can share it on Twitter and Instagram using #Barbour120. The price is a Barbour Originals classic wax jacket to those who submit the best entries every week until the end of June.

Every time I see images from their ad campaigns I miss my old Barbour waxed jacket. It was similar to this one and I wore it until it had become so torn on the sleeves and pockets that I had to give it a rest. I loved it!

I know some day I will buy another one (isn't it obligatory if you live in the UK?!!) and if I were to choose now I would probably go for the Barbour Belsay waxed jacket, but I could change my mind in the fitting room. What I'm sure about is the women's Barbour waxed cotton baker boy hat. I want one!

For spring/summer 2014, Barbour's Beacon Heritage collection continues its collaboration
with Savile Row tailor, Norton & Sons under the creative direction of Patrick Grant.
photo credit:
1, 3-8: Barbour / 2: Simon Armstrong


  1. Now that's an ad campaign that tells a story. I want to wear the entire outfit in the third shot.

    1. Ada, these are images from various sections of their website (and the one with the zip is not from them). Some are old and some are new.

  2. All the better then, because I love a brand which is consistent in telling a story, its story. It's wonderful how new and old images blend so beautifully. :)

  3. I can absolutely see you wearing a Barbour jacket! I've always wanted one in theory but the weather isn't even worthy of wearing my raincoat except once or twice a year around here, so it would be a bit of a waste.

    Mary Jo


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