Thursday, 17 April 2014

cherry tree blossoms on a gorgeous spring day

Today I had another spring post in mind (this will be the last in my 'mini series') but the photo above changed my mind. My son, who is only 8 years old, is the photographer. Yesterday, after a day out in the countryside (the part of Derbyshire we saw was beautiful) he was feeling a bit car sick so our friends dropped us out by his school and we walked home to get some fresh air. All day he had been using his binoculars to watch birds and he was telling me that he wanted to own a video camera. Close to our house there is this gorgeous pink cherry tree in full bloom and I had to stop to take a few photos. When he asked if he could photograph it I said sure. I adjusted the manual settings for him, told him how to keep the exposure "correct" and handed him the camera. Because of a slight wind there was some movement in the other photos he took (his composition was great) but this one was just perfect. It was a pure joy watching him with the Nikon in his hand.

Have a wonderful day!
photo credit:
1: my son / 2-4: Lisa Hjalt


  1. A stunning and beautiful photograph! Congratulations to your son, already showing much promise as a photographer.
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend.
    Wendy :)

  2. Beautiful images from a budding photographer :-) Happy Easter to you and yours -

  3. I love each and everyone of the pictures.


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