Friday, 11 April 2014

Home accessories: the Hermès blanket

Home accessories: the Hermès blanket | Lunch & Latte

Recently I was going through the images in my files and realised that I had collected quite many where the Hermès Avalon blanket seems to be the centre of attention in certain rooms. The blanket, which has become a classic, is probably one of the priciest home accessories on my wish list, but I believe the wonderful blend of wool (85%) and cashmere (15%) is worth every penny. Depending on which colours you choose, the blanket comes in two sizes: 135 x 165 cm / 140 x 175cm. I like the deep red and orange colours, but I think I would go for a neutral coloured one, mainly because it can be styled with everything.

I'm wishing you a wonderful weekend with these styling ideas.

You cannot go wrong with the blanket in your living room.

I like the idea of adding style to a reading nook or a library room. I can easily picture myself relaxing under the blanket, with a cup of tea or coffee and a good book in hand. I guess we could call it reading in style!
Home accessories: the Hermès blanket | Lunch & Latte

The Hermès blanket also works well in the bedroom or guest room. Only the best for the guests, right?

Then there is, at least for me, the most unlikely spot for it: the children's room. I guess if one had unlimited budget it wouldn't be the worst place to put it, but I sure hope the kids would appreciate it!

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  1. A classic. It adds a little bit more of style to every room. I think I would go for a neutral toned one, too, although I think I love the red one the most.


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