Wednesday, 30 April 2014

notes à la mode 47

The summer wardrobe: the blue (chambray) shirt
I wouldn't call myself a big shopper, because (luckily) with age I have learned that it's better to think matters through before buying. I like keeping a list of things that I need with a few I-want pieces at the bottom. For this summer I have already added two pieces to my wardrobe, two very different kimono blouses that I believe I will wear for years - I love the lightweight of both. One of them has more volume and almost looks like a coat. On my list of things that I need are a pair of ballerina flats and a blue shirt, either linen or chambray. For some time I have been gathering inspirational images so I thought, why not create a post with some thoughts.

Light blue linen shirts always appeal to me but this year I'm thinking about going for a chambray (the first three images show a chambray: a plain weave fabric / criss-cross weave). There is something about the softness and lightweight of the chambray shirt that appeals to me, much more than the denim shirt (a twill woven fabric / woven diagonally).
Last year I added a blue linen Massimo Dutti shirt to my wardrobe, a classic piece that I hardly took off. I wore it so much that there is now a slight tear on one of the sleeves. I would love to buy another one that has the same cut but it's no longer available. I wore it without ever rolling down the sleeves, which makes me wonder if I should go for a short-sleeved shirt this summer. When I saw that Madewell chambray shirt, in the right photo below, I immediately fell for it.

Last weekend I was doing some shopping when I saw a blue cotton and linen shirt in H&M for a very good price. I cannot find it on their website but the one Gisele is wearing has the same vibe. Shirts like these are timeless and you can pair them with pretty much everything.
I have a similar mustard yellow clutch and pairing it with a blue shirt, in any shade, never fails.
Depending on how picky you are, finding the right shade of blue shirt can be tricky. This winter I actually did roll down the sleeves of my Massimo Dutti shirt and over it I wore an oversized navy V-neck. Sometimes I felt the colour of my linen shirt was just a bit too light for winter, or there was too much contrast between its tint and the navy. I like the slightly darker colour of the shirt designer and stylist Natasha Goldenberg is wearing below. It's a colour that works well for all seasons and I would like to see it in my wardrobe. I wouldn't exactly call it an I-need item but definitely I-want!
photo credit:
1: Elin Kling for Marciano via Rowe / 2: Gilles Bensimon for Glamour US, January 2014 | Elsa Hosk wearing a chambray shirt by Calvin Klein, styled by Anne Christensen / 3: Madewell / 4: Madewell Spring 2014 lookbook via Pinterest / 5: SplashNewsOnline via Tumblr / 6: The Sartorialist / 7: Style du Monde


  1. Whether chambray or linen, the blue shirt is one of my summer wardrobe staples. And whenever I find one with the perfect cut, I hardly take it off.

    1. Ada, even my son at some point said: "Mum, you have been wearing this shirt all summer!" In my defence, I washed it a lot but luckily it dried so quickly in the sun ;- )

  2. me encanta, un clásico!
    te invito a mi nuevo blog... pasá ;)


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