Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Space: a workspace in Mallorca

Sometimes I have such a difficulty deciding which space to feature in my Space posts. My folders are pretty much bursting and I'm adding more images every single day! I have started to dig a little deeper to reach images that have maybe been there for too long, spaces that I have almost forgotten. This is one of them, a workspace in Danish fashion designer Malene Birger's house in Mallorca. (The house is for sale.) I like the simplicity of this room, the all-white look, and how the vivid colours in the paintings grab one's attention. The house is located in the southwest part of Mallorca, in the valley of S'Arracó in Andratx. It's a renovated two-storey farmhouse. Did I mention the pool?

photo credit:
Gori Salva for Lucas Fox via Est Magazine


  1. Whites, blues and a tiny dash of yellow hidden on the canvas - yes! All that on a Mediterranean island? Double yes!! Beam me up, Scotty!

  2. You say it's for sale?? ;) What a bright and charming workspace! I'm sure that inspiration comes easily in there.

    1. I say you buy it and invite me to stay! ;-)

  3. Inspiring for our attic space which we want to convert to a studio, I love the white floors and beams.
    Only problems is it is 4 floors up! good exercise though!!


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