Thursday, 3 April 2014

spring decorating with grape hyacinths

It's Thursday, which means we are celebrating spring on the blog (to be honest, I need this kind of inspiration today because it's a cold and a gloomy spring day in the West Midlands). Next in line is a team that consists of photographer Lisa Warninger and stylist Chelsea Fuss of Frolic!. These two talented ladies have created many photo shoots together for clients such as HGTV, Kinfolk, Once Wed and Rue, just to name a few. This particular one for Project Wedding (I only borrowed a few photos) caught my intention because of the grape hyacinths. The scissors above are also to blame; I need scissors like that in my life!

For someone brought up in Iceland, grape hyacinths (Muscari armeniacum) are not exactly the sign of spring (some people grow them). But after living abroad for a few years now, these lovely blue flowers, that seem to pop up everywhere in early spring, have become one of the beautiful indicators of the spring season. They even grew wild in my garden in Luxembourg. To decorate with these you don't need to visit a flower shop or a flower market, if you are lucky to have a woodland area close by, grab your market basket and enjoy a walk in nature. You will find plenty to bring back home.

Fill a glass full of these beauties to enjoy their clusters of tiny, urn-shaped flowers in finely drawn hues of blue at home. Though they bloom in April, their spicy-grape fragrance has been described as "the perfume of clove and sun-warmed Concord grapes of late September."

from Bringing Nature Home by Ngoc Minh Ngo

photo credit:
Lisa Warninger for Project Wedding | styling by Chelsea Fuss of Frolic!
(published with permission)


  1. What a beautiful spring atmosphere - it perfectly fits today's sunny day here (minus my workload and sitting in the office). Speaking of office: This could be a great sort of home office:-)

  2. That top photo (scissors included) is enough to set your spring mood.


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