Friday 4 April 2014

Styling: blue is the warmest colour

Recently I talked about my idea to decorate my study room with various shades of blue and indigo and for some time I have been collecting ideas. I have said it before that when you set your focus on certain things they seem to seek you instead of you seeking them. This photo shoot in the March issue of Red Magazine is one of the things that turned up unexpectedly. It's called ’Blue is the warmest colour’ and was shot by Polly Wreford and styled by Sarah Keady.

There is no study room featured but the styling of these various spaces tells me that I'm right in choosing blue. There is something about a splash of blue that gives a room the feeling of freshness. It clears the mind.

What's your relationship with blue? Do you find it too cold for your home? You would never see blue painted walls in my home but I have many home accessories in various shades of blue, especially glassware. As I type this I'm looking at a blue Bolia bowl on my windowsill, which is one of my favourite items, and these Bolia mussel shell bowls have made it to my wish list (if only I were in Copenhagen and could enter the shop to admire and buy them).

I'm someone who loves blue and white tableware. I'm not even going to tell you how many such items have made it to my wish list! What I also love is using a touch of blue to decorate the table, e.g. using blue patterned tiles as coasters. It can completely transform a table. Think Moroccan style tiles in deep blue shades … mix them with terracotta vases or bowls and my knees go weak!

Blue is such a wonderful colour for the kitchen. You only have to view the beautifully displayed items in the top-left photo to see what I'm referring to. I have to add that I love those neutral splashback tiles as well, but I'm also imagining them in deep blue mixed with neutral tableware or ceramics on display.

Personally, I have never used many blue items to decorate my bedroom, only two light blue bedspreads that I own. Well, one is slightly darker. It's crocheted and each crochet square looks more like a lace so the neutral bed linen underneath is clearly visible. I guess the reason why I want to keep blue at minimum in the bedroom is that essentially it is a cold colour. That doesn't mean I go for warm colours either. I like keeping the bedroom neutral. In the summertime, however, I like using pillow cases that have a hint of blue and I would welcome the idea of a blue patterned rug on the floor, as shown above.

Bathrooms are spaces that I find ideal for decorating with various blue shades. Mixed with white they almost look spotless. Add some wood, like the ladder below, to create balance.

Have a wonderful weekend!

photo credit:
Polly Wreford for Red Magazine | styled by Sarah Keady via Personally selected products

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  1. I don't have enough blue items in my home! And I love blue! You've got me thinking. :) I am also of the opinion that blue is perfect for bathrooms, especially when matched with natural wood and white.


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