Thursday, 29 May 2014

hello from South Yorkshire

How are you? As I write this I'm sitting on the bed in our bedroom, the only place in the house where I'm able to log into a temporary Wi-Fi. We thought the Internet would be installed this week but it looks like we will have to wait. It means it'll be a bit quiet on the blog in the next days/weeks. Maybe it's for the best, as it forces me to keep my focus on the unpacking.

I'm very happy with the new house. Despite all the boxes I felt at home from day one. I started the unpacking in the kitchen, which is wonderful to work in. I even did a few baking experiments while I was emptying the boxes (think chocolate brownies + pie). I don't know if anyone else relates to this but it seems each time we move we start eating differently (I know we've moved often in the last years but now we're done). Maybe it's because we are grocery shopping in new stores and seeing things we had stopped noticing in stores at your old place. Now it seems we have entered some kind of a hummus phase. It also happened in Antwerp but here I'm eating even more hummus (it reminds me that I haven't shared a hummus recipe on the food blog). These days it's mainly Moroccan-inspired hummus devoured with pita bread and vegetables - yum!

Do any of you have a desk in the bedroom? It's something I have always liked but I'm seriously thinking about it now because of our very spacious bedroom. The movers actually put my desk and rattan storage trunk in here when emptying the vans, and I like them in here. In our old place these items were in my study room and our male Persian cat used to sleep in it, on the windowsill. Now his favourite sleeping spot seems to be this room, the windowsill next to the desk (he's sleeping there right now). It almost feels as if he's chosen this room as my study, that he's telling me to just keep the desk in here. If I go for it I will avoid the office look, I will only place a lamp and a few books on the table and keep the bookshelves downstairs.

Speaking of bookshelves, I'm off to the kitchen to grab some hummus before unpacking the books. There is a bookshelf downstairs that looks lonely without any, and so does the coffee table in the sitting area. Have a wonderful day!

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt


  1. Welcome 'home' Lisa! Enjoy the exciting moments of unpacking, arranging and decorating of your new home. So excited to see more pics over the next weeks! Hugs from Germany!

  2. Well hello there! And I was getting enthusiastic that you were getting back to your regular blogging. I'll just go on missing your daily posts. :) So happy to hear you're adjusting so well in your new house.

    We eat hummus a lot, too, and with pita bread is the best! I'm using a Moroccan recipe as well, but I'm looking forward to your own version. :)

  3. That's exciting news Lisa! I think it's definitely a good thing to get away from wifi and settle in properly. Looking forward to seeing what your new home looks like, enjoy the baking x

    1. Thank you, Lana. Yes, it is nice to log out sometimes but it can also be a bit annoying when one wants to browse online while enjoying one's latte.


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