Friday, 9 May 2014

Linen shopping at Merci in Paris

Sometimes I wish I lived in Paris just so I could go tableware shopping in Merci, the concept store on Boulevard Beaumarchais in the 3rd district, whenever I felt like it (remember this post?). They have an online shop but it isn't quite the same as browsing in the shop and touching the fabric. I love their washed linen tableware and have added many items to my wish list. If you are looking for natural materials for your home, Merci is your shop.

Table napkins, 100% linen, French blue + blush pink

I have a few of their table napkins in neutral colours. They are made of washed linen and have a natural rumpled look. For the summer I'm dreaming about them in colours such as French blue, blue lagoon, blush pink, and even bright pink, which to me looks coral rather than pink.

Tablecloth, 100% linen, graphite grey

Last summer my favourite tablecloth, a cotton-linen blend in blue/greyish colour, got ruined with wax from one of those fly-repellent candles. I bought it when we lived in Antwerp and I haven't found a similar colour in the UK. I remember viewing the linen tablecloths in Merci and being very smitten with their graphite grey and off-white colours. I also have a little crush on the violet.

Striped aprons, 100% linen, light coral + dark navy blue

Another Merci item I would like to buy is pretty much any colour of their striped aprons, also made of washed pure linen and have that natural rumpled look. They come in one size and you can wear them with the halter, or fold them and tie around your waist.

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  1. I don't think shopping online will ever come close to the experience of shopping in a brick and mortar shop, especially if it's one of your favourite ones. Those French blue napkins would be a welcome addition to my kitchen. :)

  2. Wonderful, my kind of shop, I love linens.
    Have a happy weekend Lisa.

  3. The aprons are lovely! I can see you wearing one for Friday pizzas!

    xo Mary Jo


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