Monday, 5 May 2014

restyling your home

You know the feeling when your home fails to inspire you and you feel the need to rearrange all your furniture or even throw everything out, repaint or, the most desperate stage, move houses to feel inspired again? Just take a deep breath, get yourself a cup of coffee or whatever works for you, sit down and relax. This moment will pass.

What your home needs is probably just a touch of restyling. It doesn't have to be your entire home, maybe one corner will do, one shelf or a console table. I always find it best to use moments like these to get rid of stuff that has started to pile up. In my opinion, clutter kills creativity. Get rid of it and start to breathe again! Giving the home a spring cleaning can also work wonders.

Look at the styling in these three photos: Sometimes it's enough to rearrange a few books on your coffee table and add some decorative objects (I frequently restyle my desk and a large rattan storage trunk and it never fails to inspire me.) If your bookshelves only contain books my advice is to change that. Remove some of the books, especially the ones you know you will never read again and don't reflect your personality, and add vases and bowls or any small objects. Buy a new plant (or fresh flowers) and put it on a table and use a tray to display a few of your precious objects. Move an artwork from one wall to another to create a different favourite corner in a room. (The hummingbird wall hanging (wool and silk aubusson) in the last photo is by the late Alexander McQueen.)

photo credit:
1: David Ross for House and Leisure, styling: Leana Schoeman / 2: Victoria Skoglund / 3: Jeroen van der Spek for Living Etc.

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