Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Space: Story Hotel in Stockholm

With a few exceptions, my Space series features rooms in private residences that I particularly like. This space is one of the exceptions: the bar at the Story Hotel in Stockholm. They say that if their restaurant is the beating heart of the hotel, the bar is the soul. Its design inspired by the jazzy atmosphere of a Parisian salon is bound to make you feel welcome. The wall art and the stylish mix of concrete and wood lured me in. Let me just add that if you haven't visited Stockholm already, please put it on your list of travel destinations. This Nordic capital will enchant you.

photo credit:
Story Hotel via Hemmanet


  1. An interesting coincidence: I just came back from Stockholm yesterday. My little sister who lives there had given me a 2-night stay at "Ett hem" (http://www.etthem.se/) as a present. Their cosy interiors gave me plenty of ideas for decorating my future flat; their spaces really feel warm and welcoming. Another wonderful discovery was Thiel's Gallery - so many works that resonate with my understanding of beauty!

    1. How wonderful to hear! I'm sure you enjoyed your trip.

  2. Stockholm has been on my travel wish list for a long time and I think summer would be the perfect season for a trip.


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