Monday, 12 May 2014

The bench and wall art look

A friend in Iceland just opened an art exhibition called 'Word' and when I viewed the photos some of his works reminded me of Cy Wombly pieces, e.g. this one. When I mentioned it our friend said Wombly was one of his inspirations. This weekend I was having an email conversation about art with another friend and all that art talk made me think about how we display art in our homes. I have always wanted to create the bench-and-wall-art look, as I refer to it: letting a large piece of art hang above a bench (or a daybed) in the entrance or a corner of the living room, or in any place where the artwork stands out.

These three images show what I have in mind. The top image shows an entrance in Brussels. One of the homeowners, Melañio Gomez, found the steel bench on the street and he made the painting himself in the style of artist Barnett Newman. The second image is from a Melbourne home and shows a Miranda Skoczek painting above a painted wooden bench, which at first sight looked like concrete. I like the decorative objects on display; they seem to complement the painting and bench.

The last image is from a townhouse in Manhattan, on the Upper East Side, a William Diamond and Anthony Baratta design. The large painting, Wind, 1989 is by artist Joan Mitchell.

Have a wonderful day!

photo credit:
1: Richard Powers for Elle Decor / 2: Eve Wilson for The Design Files / 3: Simon Upton for Elle Decor via The Pink Pagoda

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  1. I like the bench-and-art-wall look idea very much and I think I would choose the hallway to put it into practice.


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