Monday, 30 June 2014

drawing with light 36 - Sharyn Cairns

Instead of posting one photo, as I always do in my DRAWING WITH LIGHT posts, I want to share a few photos by one of my favourite photographers, Sharyn Cairns.

photo credit:
Sharyn Cairns via hart & co | 1-2: for Inside Out | 3-4: for Inside Out | 5: for Bedouin Societe | 6: for Domayne | 7-8: for Vogue Living (1-6: stylist Glen Proebstel)


  1. She's one of my favourites, as well. I wouldn't be able to pick just one photo either.

  2. I love the dark and light of those colors--the textiles are rather amazing!

    p.s. I left a comment on another post just now but it seems it may have disappeared. Just letting you know that I emailed this morning, in case it is buried in your email somewhere.

    1. the textiles are by Shilo Engelbrecht


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