Monday, 2 June 2014

space: a modern minimalist living room in Ibiza

I always enjoy it when I see new magazine features of homes that I already have in my files. If it hadn't been for my poor Internet connection I probably would have posted this Nuevo Estilo image last week. Then a couple of days later I received my July issue of Elle Decoration UK in the mail with a house tour of this same holiday home in Ibiza. It belongs to industrial and packaging designer Peter Schmidt, who bought it ten years ago when it was pretty much in ruin. It has plenty of wonderful rooms but the living room appeals to me. I think it is the modern style mixed with the rustic beams, stylish furniture and art pieces. It has the classic Barcelona Couch (daybed), which Mies van der Rohe designed in 1930, and a larger one, seen in part, designed by Peter Schmidt himself. The styling of the feature in Elle Decoration is slightly different than the one in Nuevo Estilo and, for example, Schmidt's daybed has a navy blue fabric that looks even better than the grey one.

On a personal note, how is your summer starting? Currently we are in the midst of a rainy season. The sun won't come out to play until next weekend, which is probably a good thing, as it helps me to face all those unpacked boxes. I hope your week is starting off well!

photo credit:
Nuevo Estilo


  1. What a stylish room! I love the natural, earthy colour and material mix. Plus the fact that it's in Ibiza makes it even more appealing:-) Happy Monday my friend!

  2. I hope this means your internet connection problem is solved. :) Look at that huge window and the natural light flooding in! I also like the mix of old and modern here.

    We had a rainy weekend, but the sun has decided to smile at us today. So the week has good signs. :)

    1. Ada, I'm afraid we're still not properly connected. This Wi-Fi we're using seems to have a life of its own!


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