Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Summer living | Vive l'été

As much as I love the vibrant colours of summer, black and white fashion photography sometimes feels so right. It has the power to capture the essence of summer with just a bit more class.
Whatever you do this summer, make it one to remember!

photo credit:
1 + 6: Arnaldo Anaya Lucca for Ralph Lauren Polo Spring/Summer 2014 via Fashion Industry Archive | 2: Mario Testino for Vogue US, November 2005 • Gemma Ward + Josh Hartnett in 'Like a Virgin' styled by Camilla Nickerson | 3: Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay via Style Me Pretty | 4: Edward Steichen for Vogue US, July 1928 | 5: Alice Gao of Lingered Upon


  1. It's always been my opinion that black and white photography almost always manages to capture something more beautifully than colour photography, the very essence of the subject. Love that first image! Which reminds me, Wimbledon is almost here (even though it's not my favourite tennis tournament). You didn't think the tennis talk was over, did you?

    1. Ada, you cracked me up. You're going to turn me into a tennis-playing jewellery person, aren't you? ;-) Love that first image, too. Fell flat for it (and of course it reminded me of you).


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