Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer living | Vive l'été

It is time for a dose of bright blue! The blue shades of the Moroccan city Chefchaouen have become one of my summertime obsessions. I can and have spent hours viewing images online (all the images were taken there, except for No. 5 taken in Rabat). I have never travelled to Morocco but sometimes places we have never been to seem to have a strange familiarity. I feel that way about parts of Morocco, especially Chefchaouen, which I would very much like to visit one day. Have you been there?

The names of all the photographers, with links, are under 'photo credit' and let me add that most of them have more images from Morocco for you to enjoy. If you are interested there is a post by blogger Jeffrey Bale called Chefchaouen blue, where he tells the story of the city. He also wrote a post called The Colors of Morocco.
Whatever you do this summer, make it one to remember!

photo credit:
1: Jose Rodriguez | 2: Luca Gargano | 3: Siel of Mademoisielle | 4: danieleb80 | 5: Barbara Griffin Robinson | 6: Beum Gallery via Pinterest | 7: Jodie Taylor | 8: Alexander Dragunov 
- all images taken in Chefchaouen, Morocco, except for No. 5 taken in Rabat

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  1. These shades of blue are so striking! I want to believe that these are indeed the real colours that the camera perfectly managed to capture. And I know what you mean about places you have never been to which seem to be familiar.


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