Monday, 16 June 2014

Textiles: The Whole Story by Beverly Gordon + peonies

The latest addition to my book selection is Textiles: The Whole Story: Uses, Meanings, Significance by Beverly Gordon (see bio), which came out in a paperback edition last summer (originally published 2011). It's 304 pages long, divided into six chapters with plenty of illustrations. When I opened my copy for the first time I found these words on page 4: 'For everyone everywhere who has fallen under the textile spell.' Loved that.

This post isn't a review, as I just got the book and haven't read it, yet, but after browsing through it to view the images I realised that I had a gem in my hands. I cannot wait to dive into it and get lost in the world of textiles.

This vibrantly illustrated book … is an original look at the myriad roles played by textiles in all aspects of human life, from ancient weavings to light-sensitive and other 'futuristic' fabrics of our own era. Beverly Gordon discusses how textiles are an integral part of the human life journey from cradle to grave in a multitude of practical, symbolic and spiritual ways … This book will captivate and inspire anyone who has a passion for textiles and textile arts, whether educational, creative or professional. (Book description on Book Depository)

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1, 4-5: cover + pages from the book Textiles: The Whole Story by Beverly Gordon, published by Thames and Hudson Ltd via Amazon UK | 2-3, 6-7: Lisa Hjalt

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  1. This looks like an amazing book, Lisa! I'm putting it on my list. I see you are still in peonies heaven. :)


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