Monday, 9 June 2014

Walkers Nurseries garden centre

Close to where we live is a garden centre called Walkers Nurseries, which after two visits has become my favourite place here in South Yorkshire. We spent some time there yesterday and I snapped a few photos just to give you a sneak peek. Maybe I should warn you that I will be taking more photos and sharing on the blog in the future. A lot more! This is just a teeny tiny sneak peek; I haven't even begun to photograph the gardens.

The variety of plants in the centre seems, to me, to be endless. Geranium, or pelargonium, is the plant of the month of June, and as you can see there was no shortage of them in stock. I thought about bringing home one of those hanging baskets with various summer flowers to keep by our front door but decided to add another lavender plant instead, pictured below (those of you following me on Instagram may have seen my lavender already). I'm hoping the lavender will attract bees, as I love their buzzing sound.

At Walkers Nurseries there is a beautiful gift shop that I could spend hours in, a bookshop corner and a café with an outdoor seating area. Yesterday my boys (husband + son) enjoyed refreshments while I was walking around with my camera. I haven't tasted the coffee, yet, but I can definitely see myself bicycling to Walkers, grabbing a latte and enjoying the scenery.
photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt

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