Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Photographer Carter Smith's rustic Manhattan home

Initially I intended to use the above kitchen in my space series but the more I viewed photographer Carter Smith's rustic Manhattan home, the more I realised that it deserved a house tour on the blog. It's not often that I view house tours in interior magazines and like every single space. Smith's home, a Hottenroth & Joseph Architects design, was featured in House & Garden in 2007 and it was Martyn Thompson who lensed it.

In my mind I have a few dream kitchens and Smith's brick-walled one is identical to one of them. He even seems to have an item that has been on my wish list for three years: a yellow Le Creuset (I'm pretty sure it is one - I haven't found the colour in any European shop, and believe me, I have entered many in my search for it!). The cooker, not fully shown, is a La Cornue.

The wonderfully moody library or home office shows the rustic elements of the home even more clearly: exposed beams, floorboards, which are old ones, salvaged from another building, and a hand-carved door from circa the 18th century. The stylish striped rug did not escape me. I like that he uses a footstool as a table by placing a tray on top. It's an excellent solution when a coffee table doesn't quite fit or work (I do the same in our TV area).

As I said before, it's not often that I like every single space in a house tour, even the bathroom. That said I love Smith's bathroom design. Look at the antique wide-panel floors and the vintage apothecary cabinet with the old marble sink. And don't get me started on the gorgeous earthy tone of the gabbeh rug (above photo), also vintage. This is the type of an oriental rug I would like to have in my own home - I know exactly where I would put it.

I find it interesting to see how the master bedroom, with its contemporary wallpaper, contrasts the rest of Smith's home, yet doesn't look out of place by any means. In spite of the contemporary wallpaper, the room feels warm and has these important personal touches, vivid in the bedside table décor. The textiles, the blue coloured bedspreads and the patterned cushions, are beautiful.
A peek into the kitchen pantry with a copper bench and a vintage landscape from John Derian

Finally, we have the outdoor living area with a pergola with climbing plants, a vintage breakfast table, a weathered wooden bench and a table, decorated with an Iranian tribal rug and red and orange cushions. Did I already mention that I love this home?
photo credit:
Martyn Thompson for House & Garden via Architectural Digest


  1. These photos really took my breath away! It certainly is a perfect house! If I could just replace the bedroom wallpaper and replace the outdoor succulents with lavender or tomatoes, I'd move in this very moment. :-) Thanks for the find!

    1. You are welcome. I like the lavender and tomatoes idea ;-)

  2. Are you kidding me with that kitchen pantry? I think every household should take into consideration a walk-in kitchen pantry. I already loved every spot in this home (the kitchen, bathroom and library are all so beautiful), but that sealed it for me.

    1. I am dead serious about that kitchen pantry, my friend! Even the items in his pantry look nice!

  3. An amazing house, I could feel at home here:)


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