Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Summer living | Vive l'été

I do not want to generalise but in summertime I think most of us keep the al fresco dining rather informal and don't worry much about the table setting when it's just the family members enjoying a meal. That said, I have been playing with an idea, that it could be wonderful to celebrate the summer season with a more elegant dining at home. What I have in mind is using one day to bring out the finer or finest plates and glasses (the ones usually hidden in cupboards) and decorate the table with the prettiest summery tablecloth, place mats, and napkins. The meal itself doesn't have to be fancy (I don't think anyone likes spending too much time in the kitchen on a warm summer day), but I would use the opportunity to open a bottle of a good wine. And don't forget to toast to summer!

These images that I have collected should give you some ideas; some fancier than others. Allow me to add that the beautiful top photo is from the book Lunch in Provence by Rachael McKenna and Jean-André Charial. I don't have the book but the images I have seen from it are very inspiring.

Don't have the space at home for this kind of al fresco dining? Just go to a restaurant with an outdoor seating area and make sure it has nice tablecloths!

photo credit:
1: from Lunch in Provence by Rachael McKenna + Jean-André Charial, published by Flammarion | 2: El Mueble | 3: Veranda | 4: Mi Casa | 5: El Mueble | 6: Christophe Rouffio for Campagne Décoration via Elle Maison | 7: Stefano Scatà | 8: La Bastide de Marie (discovered via Ada of Classiq)


  1. I like your elegant al fresco dining idea. It elevates summer living with such little effort. Now all I have to do is find a terrace with beautiful tablecloths.

  2. That first image makes me crazy!! And your idea is wonderful - making an outdoor meal a special, memorable occasion. We eat all meals outdoors in summer but only once so far this year have I put on a tablecloth! Very inspiring! Have a lovely weekend, Lisa.


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