Monday, 18 August 2014

Traditional homes in The World of Interiors

Recently I was asked about my preferred interior style and I said interiors where a rustic style meets modern, with a hint of Scandinavian vibe. I added that I liked using 2-3 antique pieces to break things up; to make the home feel more settled. Only a few weeks later I was holding the September 2014 issue of The World of Interiors in my hands and found myself swooning over grand homes and farmhouses, especially old traditional rugs and spaces that feel heavier than the ones I'm usually drawn to. Well, there was a time when I was very much into traditional homes and perhaps part of me has never left that style. It reminds me of the home of my late paternal grandparents and the pieces my parents have collected through the years. Perhaps the textile books I have been reading are also to blame, or thank, depending on how you look at it.

That said I would like to give you a sneak peek of some of the house tours in the issue, starting with an ancestral home in Castile, Spain. The house has 60 rooms! The owner said it was madness to restore it but he did it anyway, not caring that financially it was a bad investment. I have a crush on the curtain fabric shown in both the images, from the textile firm Bujosa in Mallorca. No wonder the red reception room was used on the cover!

The next sneak peek is an Italian farmhouse and monastery in Umbria. The owner continues her father's tradition and collects rare fruit trees and cultivates the fruits. The article made me ache for a walk in the countryside of Umbria but I had to settle for eating apples and grapes.

I have already shared a snapshot of the above image on my Instagram account. I cannot get enough of the ceramics. By the way, the curved wooden stool came from a local convent; one sat on it to grind coffee beans.

Finally, I'm showing you the Turkish room (a work in progress) in the Smedmore House, a 17th-century manor on the Dorset coast of England. A throw like the one on the chair has been on my wish list for ages. The pattern is perfect, and so are the colours! This is my idea of a flawless bohemian style.

photo credit:
The World of Interiors, September 2014 | 1-2: Pablo Zuloaga | 3-6: Tim Beddow (4-6: snapped by me)

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  1. I'm drawn to that Umbrian farmhouse, especially the first room shown here - I like the autumnal mood given by the table filled to the brim.


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