Wednesday, 17 September 2014

autumn colours and home styling details

I had no idea what to name today's post. The title could as well have been 'feeling inspired by the October 2014 issue of The World of Interiors', even though none of these images come from the magazine. Yesterday I had to run some errands and I bought the issue in a bookshop before heading to a café to enjoy a latte. I felt so inspired by the deep colours in the issue, the textiles, art, book talk, and the various home styling. Reading the issue felt like being hit with the ideal dose of autumn mood - autumn with an element of lightness. My mind started thinking about certain images in my files, first the one above which I saw the other day on the Facebook page of Traditional Home. It is my idea of a beautiful styling with perfect colours and details. Then I started thinking about a house tour in Vogue US earlier this year, when the magazine visited Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten at his home in Lier, a city not far from Antwerp. The photo below shows one of his many stunning spaces.
In the entrance: A painting by Belgian expressionist Léon de Smet, Nude and Bouquet, 1922

In the issue there was a talk about a new book that is being published tomorrow, Green: The History of a Color by Michel Pastoureau, the third in a series of five volumes from the Princeton University Press (the first was Blue and the second Black). One of the images in the article was this Henri Matisse painting, but I was reminded of the colours in the one below, Meditation (Portrait of Laurette), 1916–17.

Then my mind parted with Matisse and to my mind came a particular space in a London home by designer Alidad that has a large tapestry on the wall and a yellow sofa. It's a shade of yellow that reminds me of the changing colours of the autumn leaves. If this is the interior design style you find fascinating you may want to get a copy of his book: Alidad: The Timeless Home.

I believe I have now described to you what can happen when a person sits down at a café with a latte and an inspiring magazine … it can be magical.

photo credit:
1: Traditional Home on Facebook | 2: François Halard for Vogue US, March 2014 (home of Dries Van Noten) via Handpicked by Ron & Chris | 3: Henri Matisse, Meditation (Portrait of Laurette), 1916–17, oil on canvas, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston via Architects and Artisans | 4: Simon Upton for House & Garden, March 2001 via Alidad

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  1. Interesting story behind this blog post. It's amazing what associations you can make when you read something or look at some inspiring photographs. Love the deep colours of autumn.


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